Alan Richardson

Alan Richardson has experience of testing at all levels of the testing hierarchy: from tester, to manager, to head of testing. He has remained hands on, technical, and actually tests applications. He has introduced exploratory testing, Agile testing, and Automation into a variety of organisations. He helps testers boost their testing and technical prowess, so they can test better.

He blogs at,, and uses Compendium Developments as his repository for papers, presentations and his open source tools and code.

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James Lyndsay

James has been testing since 1986, and has worked independently since setting up Workroom Productions in 1994. As a consultant, he typically works to enhance test approaches which find surprises, adapt to circumstances, and keep testers interested.

An occasional but practiced speaker and teacher, James makes the Black Box machines, develops TestLabs for a number of large events, and runs LEWT (the London Exploratory Workshop in Testing).

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Steve Green

Steve specialises in testing high-risk, high-profile web-based applications such as online banking, e-commerce websites, online gaming, e-learning and Facebook applications for large corporate clients in the UK, USA and Europe.

Steve co-founded Test Partners in 2001, having previously been Test Manager for Data Dimensions Ltd. He still enjoys hands-on testing when time allows.

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Tony Bruce

Tony Bruce is a professional, experienced, constantly learning, coaching and teaching agile team member who specialises in Testing. He has worked in various industries with organisations such as Channel 4, Ernst & Young, LMAX and The Children’s Society.

He is an active member of the Testing community; he hosts the London Tester Gathering and speaks at conferences all over the world. He keeps a blog at and tweets as @tonybruce77.