Black Ops Testing is a unique hands on Testing Workshop led by 4 expert test professionals.

Steve Green, James Lyndsay, Alan Richardson and Tony Bruce have joined forces to bring you Black Ops Testing.

We have brought together our years of experience and expertise to create a workshop training that focuses on practical testing skills.

We have looked at how our test approaches and distilled the essence in to practical hands on exercises.

We know that effective testers can:

We teach how we do this, and help you explore and experiment to build your own approach. So you can rethink the way you test and uncover new, simpler ways of investigating, gathering and providing information.

We build our exercises around complex open source software. Real applications. So you learn techniques that you can apply immediately when you return to work.

And since we use open source software, you can continue to practice your testing, on the same software we teach with.

The workshop format uses discussion, mission based exploratory testing session, and debrief sessions. So you learn something about what you’ll do, gain experience of doing it, then learn from your and the other workshop participants experiences.

Black Ops Testing is for people who believe they can test smarter.

We know that describes you.

Join us, and become a better tester.

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