We are planning a face to face training in September 2015 in London.

Booking Details

Booking details are available. You can take advantage of our super early bird pricing now.

This 1 day workshop will be an intensive event where we lead you through a series of exercises to help you explore different ways of approaching and thinking about your testing.

Given what some particpants from the last workshop said, you won’t want to miss it:

And if that wasn’t enough - you can watch our debrief of the last workshop. Don’t worry. Watching it won’t ruin the next workshop - we’ll be testing something else. With a whole new set of challenges and exercises in store.

A Practical Workshop

This is not a testing theory workshop. This is a hands on, practical workshop.

If you ever wanted a workshop where you could be coached by some of the most experienced exploratory testers in the UK, and where you could get hands on and test real software rather than toy examples. Then this is the workshop for you.

You will test, think about your testing, and be challenged to test in new ways.

Your instructors will all have extensively tested the application prior to the workshop. They can offer insights on your test approach from experience, and their test sessions. We will compare notes.

It’s like pair testing, but in a group of incredibly motivated and experienced testers all thinking working to improve.

Limited Numbers

We have limited the number of attendees. This will allow us to work closely with you and make it a much more immersive and valuable event. This also means that if you want to attend, you should get in early before the places are gone.

Four World Renowned Instructors

We, the Black Ops Testing Team, have joined together to bring our individual experience, knowledge and skill sets in order to bring this unique and variable workshop to you.

One Unique Workshop

This is a unique workshop: