On 15th December 2014 we held a webinar to discuss the testing that the Black Ops Testing Team had performed on Stellarium.

Stellarium is a cross platform desktop application for visualising astronomy. You can find out more on the web site.

We chose Stellarium because it has an outwardly complex appearance and interface, with multiple platform, supports scripting and massive amounts of configuration.

Since it was held towards the end of December we made it festive. Alan came disguised as one of Santa’s helpers. James was attacked by a science fiction luminous snake-like alien part of the way through. Steve had a tiny Christmas tree on his desk that no-one could see. And we replaced Tony on this webinar with “Captain Tiny Blue Alien”.

If you haven’t tried the application, we thoroughly recommend it. Aside from the incredible visualisations and animations you’ll see. You also get a chance to wrestle with a highly individual GUI and it offers testing challenges that other apps don’t.

We enjoyed certain features of the application from a testing perspective:

You can watch the video replay on Youtube.

Our notes will be uploaded slowly: